Translation and Language Support for your HR department


Linguistic solutions for your HR department

Language barriers will always exist.  We are here to help you conduct business as usual when there is a communication barrier.  For Human Resource professionals…. let us help you get employees back to the workplace, by translating COVID compliance policies, re-employment contracts, updated handbooks, benefits information and other HR documents for non-English speaking or Limited-English-Proficiency workers for your offices in the US and overseas. 
In these times, it is more important than ever to protect both your company and its employees.

Regardless of your industry, ensuring employee communication is consistent no matter the language of your staff, or their location worldwide is of the utmost importance.  It is proven that retention of information is more effective if delivered in the native language of the reader.  In the case of corporate communication, a company cannot afford to distribute important information without assurance that it will be read by its staff.  The safety or legal ramifications should your information not be properly consumed could be quite costly.  As a proper HR professional, ensuring your internal communications are properly written in the employees’ native language will only increase the success of your campaign. The cost to invest in a language program is far less than the cost incurred from non-compliance by an employee who fails to understand your communications.    

For 20 years, The Language Group has been a leading provider of language services.  We have expertly translated thousands of HR documents for both global and local U.S businesses in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, finance, healthcare and many others.  We also provide remote interpreters by phone, through video conferencing platforms and in person. The cost to implement such a program is rather minor.  Contact The Language Group to see how we can support your communication needs.

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