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Pamela Lopez

by Alex Vollhardt

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Meet Pamela Lopez

Position: Interpreter Specialist

Though Pamela has been working in Interpreter Operations with The Language Group since July of 2019, some might say she’ll always be a sailor at heart: she has capable hands to man the rigging, a keen eye for storms on the horizon, and protects her crew like they’re family.  

Born in Miami, Florida and raised in both Puerto Rico and the United States during her grade-school years, Pamela got an early taste for travel. After joining the United States Navy in 2007, she set sail wherever the wind would take her: Cancun, Crete, Qatar, Dubai, and Barcelona were only some of her favorites.  

Pamela proudly served as an airplane mechanic and process improvement specialist until 2015, and still remembers those times fondly. In the years since then, she has only increased her depth of knowledge, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and, soon, a master’s degree:   

“I am working on my master’s in Communications and working on improving my mindfulness. Working with people in an ever-changing world made me realize that I need to focus within and see what I need. I enjoy learning, finding happiness in little things, and spending time with my loved ones (including those with paws).” 

Those beloved furry stowaways are Bucky and Argos, her Chihuahua/Dachshund mix and German Shepard/Rottweiler mix. They love “naps, walks, food time and barking at delivery trucks.” When all else is lost, family and friends are the home port that she returns to—her greatest passion.  

 “I want them all to be safe, happy and thriving,” Pamela writes. With family spread out, “I cannot be there for everyone, but I can wish them the best always. Reaching out and discovering what they have learned about themselves, what they plan on doing in the future and listening to memories is the absolute best treasure.” 

If that treasure doesn’t make her sound rich in heart, count in her philosophy at TLG: “I am always happy to help and strive to always be a resource for others if they need guidance or assistance,” she writes. When we asked what she likes most about working with TLG: 

“I love hearing how we have helped people communicate and provided some relief for a language barrier. I love hearing how we have helped and the difference we made. I love working with the interpreters and getting to meet people from around the world.” 


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