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Raye Harville

by Alex Vollhardt

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Meet Raye Harville 

Position: Staff Accountant 

If you’re looking for a razor-sharp mind, look no further! TLG staff accountant Raye joined TLG in 2018, and she’s been on a roll ever since.  

Raye is an expert at the intersection of people and numbers: She first studied anthropology, archaeology, and sociology with minors in biology and statistics. Next she factored in a bachelor’s in Investigative Forensics, and just two years later, she finished a bachelor’s in Accounting and Business Management. In addition to her education, she’s got experience, working in bookkeeping and accounting since 2007.  

Loath to let dust accumulate on all those degrees, Raye makes sure to brush up on forensics and archaeology periodically by reading the latest news in each field. When it comes to accounting, though, every day provides a new opportunity for stimulation: 

“I love puzzles,” Raye writes. “That’s how I see accounting: number puzzles. If it doesn’t match, where are we off? Or, if we’re changing procedure, how can we make this process more streamlined? There’s nothing better than that ah-ha moment (and then having it work as planned).” 

When asked about the most rewarding assignment she has worked on, Raye provided an example of that puzzle mentality: 

“One of our customers wanted their data condensed in a specific way, and it took me about 3 hours to figure it out conceptually, and then another few hours to create a Knowledge Base article. Now it’s one of the easier tasks we do, and we’ve implemented some of what we’ve learned in other procedures.” 

Don’t start thinking that Raye is always working on a project or puzzle, though. She treasures family and food just as much, whether that means cuddling up with her fiance and three cats, or bringing people together around a table. It’s a set of values she’s had since she was a child: 

“I grew up in a multilingual family. By twenty, I lived in four countries, visited twenty other countries, and spoke just enough to order pizza and beer in most of those countries. Never underestimate the ability to order pizza!”   

These days, Raye is working from home, but when she’s in the office, you can’t miss her: She’s the beam of light that brings brilliance to TLG.  

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