EnglishBusiness Joins The Language Group of Companies

The Language Group’s Giovanni Donatelli (left) with Nina Zolezzi (center) and Marlen Schrader (right) of EnglishBusiness.

The Language Group Joins the Partnership to Advance Virtual Care (PAVC)


A Language Services Professional on a Language Educational Board

As a Language Services executive, I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this integral industry. Over the course of my tenure in language...

How to re-open - Post Covid-19

How to re-open - Post COVID-19 A Measured Approach Written by Giovanni Donatelli

TLG - Supplier Highlight - The Joy Factory - Customized Solutions for our Healthcare Clients

As any other business in the US in January-February 2020, we were plugging right along enjoying a robust economy and a steady demand for our...

The Language Group | 2019 Roaring 20 honoree

TLG made it in the Top 33 interpreting providers 2019 Worldwide

The Language Group made the list of the Top 33 Interpreting Companies Worldwide.

This is a big win for the language industry.  Congratulations to JNCL-NCLIS for this victory.