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Michael Goldston

by Alex Vollhardt

Michael Goldston

Meet Michael Goldston

Position: Staff Accountant 


Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
Michael Goldston more than likes this quote—he has lived by it. Now a valued accountant at TLG, Michael was once a professional chef!

Don’t let that fool you: He’s a master of his current profession, too. Michael worked in financial management and bookkeeping for over thirty years before he joined TLG. Returning to college twenty five years after receiving his AAS in Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, he earned a BA in Business Administration and Accounting.

Mango Cake

Michael’s most recent project at TLG has been the selection of a new accounting software, which involved running demos, assessing programs, conferencing with staff, and making tough decisions. The goal is to move TLG’s accounting department into the new realm of marketing, sales and business intelligence platforms. He handles it all with ease, commenting: 

“If I had to give advice to someone entering not just the accounting field, but the Language Service accounting field,” Michael writes, “be ready for new technology, regular fast-paced changes and challenges, and the discovery of another new world of accounting applications that are so unique and intriguing to this business.”

At home, you might find Michael on his back patio, sipping a mango margarita—he prefers it over lime, no salt. The night before a colleague's birthday, though, you would find him in the kitchen, baking something tasty and beautiful, like a mango cake.  And if you’re still looking, he’s likely to be out enjoying nature or camping in the Shenandoah Mountains. 

When he says his passion is helping others, Michael means it: He spent ten years as Director of Finance for the AIDS Fund Inc in Norfolk, and is still an accounting assistant and client advocate at the Norfolk Community Health Center.

Michael is a full-time, in-office staff accountant for TLG.

He may be busy, but he always has time to meet someone who stops in!

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