A message to all essential workers from The Language Group!

A thank you note to all the essential workers out there. 

We are all being tested.  Our belief system is being tested.  Our politics are being tested.  And our resolve is being tested.  We are forced to social distance because it’s good for us.  But for those of us that have experienced a death attributed to the virus, we wonder why.  And for those of us that have not experienced any COVID19-related deaths in our immediate circle of influence, this pandemic is viewed as a major inconvenience.  Then there’s the deaths that happen naturally from other causes during this pandemic.  Undoubtedly, the deceased have loved ones that want closure.  And due to these new social distancing guidelines, we can’t even say goodbye to our loved ones.  We can’t be with them in the hospital room, nor can we be with them when they are interred. 

As I said, we are all being tested. 

Most of us (that are not considered essential workers) must do our part by staying out of the way.  But for the essential workers, they can’t stay out of the way.  They remain on the front lines.  Whether they are installing cable at someone’s home, restocking the toilet paper shelf at the grocery store, or tending to our sick neighbor at the hospital, these people are literally risking their lives every day to make sure we continue to be safe.

We are so thankful that essential workers are out there so that we remain safe in here. 

Thank you!

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