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LOGOTLG LOGO-100-1As any other business in the US in January-February 2020, we were plugging right along enjoying a robust economy and a steady demand for our services. 

As part of our annual sales and marketing budget plans, we have a list of conferences we plan to attend each year.  The purposes for these conferences vary based on the goals of each conference.  These goals are continuing education, networking with colleagues, or business development.  We had about two dozen events on our calendar for 2020.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our events have been cancelled. 

One specific event we planned to attend is the HIMSS20 conference in Orlando in March.  One of the largest healthcare technology conferences in the US. 


Our Partner The Joy Factory

For this specific event, we partner with our hardware supplier, The Joy Factory. 
The Joy Factory has been a wonderful collaborator in order to help us provide a fully customizable solution for our clients.  Often clients may need one solution, but the implementation of that solution may uncover a for additional support the client may not have planned.  It is our job to be fully prepared with such solutions when the need arises.  We are proud to be partnering with The Joy Factory to provide a full range of hardware and customizable solutions to our clients.



Virtual Tour

Since the HIMSS20 conference was cancelled, they have given us the opportunity to offer a virtual tour of our trade show booth for that conference. 

Please enjoy this Virtual Tour Video


For more information on our customized solutions contact us: or
call 757 431 9004 


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