The Language Group Joins the Partnership to Advance Virtual Care (PAVC)




Date: July 14, 2022  

Contact: Tonya Panchula 

Phone: 757.431.9004 x 512 



The Language Group Joins the Partnership to Advance Virtual Care (PAVC)  

in support of telehealth equity for Deaf and limited English-speaking patients 


Virginia Beach, VA – The Language Group’s involvement will help ensure PAVC advocacy addresses language access in telehealth, which is a matter of federal law. 

The Language Group joins live interpreters in over 200 languages to telehealth encounters and can accommodate pre-scheduled or on-demand requests.  Working in collaboration with healthcare and telehealth platform providers, The Language Group can embed services within the user interface for faster and more convenient access. 

“Though legally required, language access in healthcare is too often an afterthought, especially in telehealth.  We help provide Deaf and limited English-speaking patients the communication access to which they are legally entitled,” said Giovanni Donatelli, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Language Group.   

The PAVC is excited to welcome The Language Group as a member.  “We look forward to The Language Group’s unique and necessary perspective to PAVC membership in an effort to ensure language access becomes part of the telehealth solution from the very beginning,” said Rachel Stauffer, Executive Director of the PAVC. 

PAVC is a membership advocacy group dedicated to securing necessary changes to improve the telehealth regulatory and reimbursement landscape.  Consisting of healthcare systems, policy providers, legal experts, technology stakeholders, and industry innovators, PAVC educates and advocates to effect positive and lasting change in telehealth. 

For nearly a quarter century The Language Group has helped clients connect with confidence in any language, written or spoken.  Supporting access by phone, video, online, or in-person, The Language Group provides a crucial communication bridge between healthcare providers and the multilingual patients they serve – directly impacting care, compliance, and cost. 

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