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Jesse Castano

by Alex Vollhardt

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Meet Jesse Castano

Position: Interpreter 


In times of crisis, it is best to turn to those who remain calm in the storm. Spanish-language interpreter Jesse has been a cornerstone for The Language Group’s onsite services since 2014.

Jesse knows a thing or two about staying afloat: after serving twenty-two years in the US Navy, he joined Northrop Grumman as Director of Manpower, Personnel and Training for the U.S. Navy’s Surface Shipbuilding Program. Twenty-nine short years later, he “retired” and decided to lend his talents to The Language Group. 

In both his private and professional life, Jesse is a people person. He and his wife make a real team, socializing and traveling together. When he tells stories about his grandkids, he beams with pride. Of work, he writes:

“I enjoy the interactions with all my interpreting assignments. Since Spring of 2014, I have worked on a variety of assignments with some very serious situations, particularly at the trauma hospital.  But, all have been a challenge and a learning experience.  Overall, I feel a sense of accomplishment helping with communication.”

There is happiness, there, too. Before assignments, Jesse chats with patients to help them feel at ease. He also shared a touching interpreting story: 

“A woman had been given hours to live. They were waiting for family to arrive. The lady was awake and conscious with a stressed look on her face. She made eye contact but was not communicating. When the hospital chaplain arrived, the chaplain asked that I join her in prayer, in Spanish, so the lady could understand. When we were finished I spoke a few soft words of encouragement to her and was able to bring a small smile to her face. Shortly afterward, her family arrived.”

Jesse lives with a smile, remembering the adage, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him what you’re doing tomorrow.” When we asked him what the future looks like, he mused, “When I get old I’ll get another pet…” Until then, you’ll find him at the golf course.


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