Baby Talk: How Interpreting in Maternity Wards Can Protect LEP Moms & Help Safely Deliver Their Babies

About the Benefits of Using Onsite Interpreter in Maternity Ward



Every woman is nervous when she enters the delivery room. But imagine you’re an expectant mother who doesn’t speak the same language as the nurses and doctors in the maternity ward. You may be unable to communicate information about your contractions, pain level, or any allergies you have to certain medications.

What is already a nerve-wracking time in any woman’s life has now become something with the potential to cause unnecessary stress for an entire family.

Women with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) need a specialized level of patient care In order to feel properly supported before, during, and after delivery. Even a mother who general speaks English fluently may lose their ability to choose their words quickly are carefully when faced with the stress and pain of childbirth.

In cases where an expectant mom has scheduled a C-section or other method of induced labor, the hospital can schedule the services of an onsite interpreter at the same time. This ensures that the mother-to-be is supported psychologically and emotionally. Stress and high blood pressure can cause additional complications for both mom and baby, which means on-site interpreting services for LEP moms can truly save lives.

But babies don’t always arrive on schedule. In cases where mothers go into premature labor, or a medical complication requires a visit to the emergency room, it is of paramount important that a mother in crisis can quickly and clearly communicate her needs to the attending physician and hospital staff.

An Onsite Interpreter in Maternity Ward Can Save Lives

During all three trimesters of pregnancy, it is of vital importance that pregnant women can understand the health care instructions provided to them. Moreover, a woman needs to be able to discuss the type of medications and delivery room environment she wants while delivering.

Who Orders an Onsite Interpreter?

In the US, the scheduling department may take the lead if the delivery has been scheduled, while the nurse on duty in the ER may need to take the initiative to find an interpreter in an emergency.

In 2018, our skilled interpreters helped in deliveries of 41 healthy babies and dedicated 1035 hours in the maternity ward. We responded to orders and provided onsite support within 68 minutes, and helped mothers who spoke a variety of languages: Arabic, Dari, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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Be it an emergency or a scheduled appointment; hospitals can order our service to provide the best possible level of healthcare to their LEP patients. The added expense of translation services should be a part of any hospital budget. It can increase patient satisfaction ratings, minimize stress for doctors and nurses, and even minimize the risk of complications or death due to miscommunication in the delivery room.

Communication is the core of great healthcare. When patients are unable to discuss their symptoms and feelings with their healthcare provider, mistakes may be made that can cost lives.

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